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Community Work

Kuda PC is more than just a PC shop. We are committed to helping people in our local area and the wider community develop their digital skills and get online. For the last 8 years we have worked alongside organisations across Glasgow to ensure people have the confidence, skills and equipment to get connected.

During this time we have supported 2400 individuals, ran over 800 digital workshops and helped 700 into employment, further education or training.

Digital Workshops

Man helping two women on the computer.

We run workshops in community centres across Glasgow. Workshops run on a drop-in basis and you can pop in to get support with whatever you need.

Common support includes:

  • Applying for jobs (CV's, cover letters, online application forms)

  • Keeping in touch with friends and family

  • Staying safe and secure online

  • Getting the best deals online

  • Basic to advanced use of laptop, tablet, desktop or smartphone

  • Getting internet at home.

Device Repair

Free diagnosis and fix of issues on laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktops for the cost of parts only.


Common work includes:

  • Laptop screen repair

  • Hard drive replacement

  • Windows re-install / upgrade

  • Tablet screen repair

  • Malware / Virus removal

  • Data recovery

  • RAM upgrade

  • SSD upgrade

Closeup of laptop motherboard. Taken at Kuda PC, a Glasgow PC shop.
Closeup of an android mobile phone. Taken at Kuda PC, a Glasgow PC shop.

Lending Library

Ability to borrow a laptop / tablet / smartphone / desktop PC or monitor.

The lending library is supplied by donations from the public. So, if you have an old device you no longer use, it could be donated to someone that needs it. All devices that are donated are wiped of all personal data, repaired (if necessary) and refurbished.

If you would like to access one of these services or refer someone please get in touch.

Get in touch to get the help you need or to get involved and support your local community!

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