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PC Setup Guide

This guide will explain how to connect your monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset and WiFi / Bluetooth adapters to your new PC.

We will begin with an overview of the ports on the back of the PC, then explain what goes where.

Port Overview

Back of PC.png

1 - USB 2.0 ports

2 - HDMI / DisplayPort connections. These are used when you don't have a dedicated graphics card.

3 - USB 3.2 GEN 1 5Gbps ports

4 - USB 3.2 GEN 2 10Gbps ports

5 - Ethernet port for cabled internet connections

6 - WiFi Antenna ports for WiFi enabled motherboards

7 - Audio ports (blue - line in, green - line out, pink - microphone)

8 - Graphics card video ports. There is a mix of HDMI / DisplayPort connections and support for multiple monitors

9 - Power supply kettle plug port

10 - Power supply power switch, do not turn this on until you have connected all your devices / peripherals

Port Overview

Monitor - The HDMI / DisplayPort cable will run from the monitor to (8) if you have a graphics card and (2) if you don't have a graphics card

Keyboard / Mouse - will connect to (1), (3) or (4)

Headset - will connect to (1), (3) or (4). Or, (7)

Internet - will connect to (5) for cable, (6) included WiFi antenna or (1), (3) or (4) for a USB wireless receiver or bluetooth receiver.

Note: Which USB ports you use for your devices will depend on the requirements of your device. If in doubt, check your manual / hardware requirements. If still in doubt, use (3) or (4) which are the newest ports and deliver more power / have higher transfer speeds

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