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Our Services

Kuda PC is a Glasgow based PC shop that provides a wide range of computer support services. These include but are not limited to desktop / laptop PC repair, custom PCs for any purpose, PC upgrades, training, managed IT systems and IT procurement. If what you're looking for isn't listed below, contact us.

Desktop Repair

We handle all aspects of desktop PC repair. Free diagnosis.

Some of the most common issues are:

- PC not booting into Windows

- PC not turning on

- PC overheating

- PC with no display

- Hard drive / SSD replacement

- Malware and Viruses

- Performance issues

Tablet Repair

We handle all aspects of tablet repair. Diagnostics are free

Some of the most common issues are:

- Broken screen glass

- Broken digitiser

- Not charging

- Overheating

- Buttons not working

- Unable to connect to WiFI

- App issues

Hardware Upgrades

Is your laptop or desktop PC letting you down? Need gaming upgrades?

Common upgrades include:

- SSD (5x faster than a hard drive)

- Extra RAM

- Better graphics card (GPU)

- Faster processor (CPU)

- Liquid cooling system

- Case swap

- Premium fans

Custom PCs

Looking to start streaming or need an application specific workstation?

We can build PCs for any purpose:

- Gaming PCs

- Audio / video / graphics workstations

- Flight and racing simulators

- Streaming / broadcasting PCs

- Virtual reality PCs

- Home Office PCs

- Servers

Laptop Repair

We handle all aspects of laptop repair. Diagnostics are free.


Common issues are:

- Laptop not booting into Windows

- Laptop not turning on

- Laptop overheating

- Laptop with no display

- Keyboard and trackpad replacement

- Malware and viruses

- Performance issues

Software Installation

Need software installed or having issues with a certain program?

We can help:

- Windows re-install

- Windows upgrade

- Microsoft Office

- Application troubleshooting

- Game / system crashes

- Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

- Driver / firmware updates

What Our Customers Say

Nicole Brown

Simon was a pleasure to deal with. My son was looking for a high spec liquid cooled gaming PC and I didn't know where to start. We were guided through the process with thorough explanation and received photo / video updates of the PC being built and tested.
My son couldn't be more impressed! I wouldn't go anywhere else.
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